Wednesday, 23 September 2015

First Day of Autumn!

I absolutely love Autumn, it's my all time favourite season! The colours, leaves, bonfires, Halloween, hot chocolates and cosy nights wrapped up in blankets, what's not to love!?

Here are some fun things that I love to do in Autumn that you can try too.

  1. Wrapping up in scarves and hats, and going for a long, relaxing walk. Crunching through the fallen leaves and just enjoying nature.
  2. Baking. This is a great one for autumn and it tastes delicious too. One of my favourites is ginger biscuits (I can do a recipe post if you like?) as these as so warming, go great with a cup of tea, and the ginger really makes me think of Autumn.
  3. Conker collecting is a childhood favourite of mine. I used to go to the local park and collect conker's with my dad every Autumn without fail. Playing conkers is awesome too but just be careful because they can hurt!
  4. Autumn = Halloween which = Pumpkin carving! You could even use the flesh to bake a pie.
  5. Soup is delicious as it gets colder, as are seasonal vegetables. So why not try making a lovely, warming vegetable soup and serving it with crusty bread. 
Just a couple ideas of things you can try this Autumn. Let me know if you have any more, I'd love to try some new ones! 

Lottie x 

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