Thursday, 24 September 2015

Going Vegan?

Tomorrow is #HugAVeganDay, did you know? I have been considering going Vegan for some time now and I just don't know what's stopping me.

There are a lot of people making the transition into Veganism nowadays for a variety of reasons: health, environmental and of course for the animals. Conversely there are still a huge amount of people who view Vegetarians and Vegans in a negative manner, maybe because they just don't understand it fully. 

Personally I would like to go Vegan for the heath and ethical reasons. I am a huge lover of animals and I disagree with the way they are treated in the meat industry. The only reason I haven't made the change already is that I am nervous about not getting all of the nutrients that I need. I am a lazy cook so I need food that can be prepared quickly and with very little effort and everything I have seen about Vegan cooking takes a lot of work. I suppose I should just stop being so lazy! I also truly believe that going Vegan may help cure my raging eczema, and that would be a miracle! 

I'm going to turn my Vegan journey into a regular segment on here so that you can see how I'm getting on and so that I can share my thoughts and discoveries with you. Maybe I could even help a few of you on your own way to becoming a Vegan! 

One of my all time favourite Vegan's is Sweetsugarcrumble. She is an absolute gem and I love her blog and her Youtube channel so you should definitely check her out. 

Here's to going plant based!

Lottie x 

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